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Still Using Swing? Let's Get Started With JavaFX


Your app needs the productivity of the desktop (or laptop) and the flexibility to run on PCs, Macs, and Linux.

Bekwam helps you get started with JavaFX with a special empahsis on moving from Swing.

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Contact sales@bekwam.com for more information.


Click on Apps for examples of applications developed by Bekwam including ones implemented in JavaFX.

Screenshot of Maven POM Updater
Maven POM Updater
Screenshot of Studio Bassist
Studio Bassist

There's also an iOS from Bekwam on the App Store written for cross-training purposes.

Screenshot of Way Simple Capitals
Way Simple Capitals (iOS)

Sparx Systems EA

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a great tool for laying out a design for a complex JavaFX app. Bekwam is a reseller of EA.

Enterprise Architect Example
Class Diagram in EA


You'll find extensive blog posts and training videos on Bekwam's Blogger and YouTube sites.

Here's an example video tutorial on making your JavaFX controls more professional.

Customers Say...

Bekwam has a deep technical knowledge of Java architecture and coding. - Partner, AAJ Interactive Technologies
Bekwam has a deep technical expertise... - President and CEO , Rescon Inc.
We have been extremely pleased with the level of service and quality we have received from Bekwam, Inc. - CEO, Tech Systems Inc.